The heart of the matter - The BOGE Airen

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The heart of every screw compressor is the airend. BOGE airends have a screw profile designed for optimum performance. They have been designed using state of the art technology and are exceptionally economical and reliable. Modern production equipment, the finest tolerances and top grade materials ensures greater reliability.
BOGE collaborates with world-famous airend manufacturers in order to select the optimum performance from each airend across the required power band. Computer controlled bench testing guarantees perfect quality every time. Amply dimensioned axial and radial bearings ensure an extremely long service life.
BOGE oil injected airends compress using positive displacement.
The oil fulfils the following functions:
- It lubricates the rotor bearings
- It seals the gaps between the rotors and the walls of the casing
- It removes the heat from compression
As the screws rotate the intake air is compressed in the reducing void between the rotor lobes and the airend casing, until the final pressure is reached and the air is discharged.
A vital factor to determine the airend efficiency is not the volume of air delivered (displacement) from the airend, but the free air delivered at the discharge of the entire system. This depends on the internal pressure losses being kept to a minimum due to short distances and low flow losses. The BOGE system, with directly flanged components and without hose connections assures the optimum free air delivery across the range as well as minimal pressure losses.
The airend rotors operate to the finest tolerances. Bearing life is not dependant on rotor speed but on tip speed (circumferential speed). Bearings can therefore be dimensioned accordingly. All BOGE airends operate at the optimum tip speed.