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Create sustainable energy savings from your existing compressed air system

Compressor system dynamics change continuously as process use of air changes. If the compressor system does not react to such change then inefficiencies rapidly increase the cost of generation. Furthermore process misuse and wastage statistically account for some 30% of compressed air generation costs. This combination inevitably leads to higher than necessary energy bills.

However, with the non-intrusive airleader energy management system in place, working in harmony with the actual compressor controllers, you are ensured that only the most energy efficient supply of compressed air is used. Airleader can be introduced with any make or combination of makes of compressors.

Seeing is believing

Continual management and monitoring is assured with the complimentary airleader software that reports on flow volume and operating status of all compressors in the system to maintenance intervals, error alerts and most importantly energy consumption and costs for the entire system as well as for each individual compressor.

The data generated not only monitors your system but also provides graphical evidence to justify any changes in technology necessary that would further improve energy and system efficiency. Knowledge is power and in this case, knowledge will save you power!