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All BOGE S series screw compressors are deliberately divided into three sections:
Electric and drive section
The motor, electrical cabinet and the intake filter are located in the cold/cool area of the system.
The motor is sited in the main cooling air intake flow, which means;
- the coolest air crosses the motor first,
- an increased service life.
The ambient cooling air also cools the switch cabinet and electrical components which ensures:
- Low component temperature
- Extended service life
The compressor intake filter is also sited in the coolest air section. This ensures the best possible free air delivery by increasing the volumetric efficiency.
Compressor section
A multifunction intake regulator and a horizontal pre-separation vessel are sited at the lowest point. An external, spin-on, final separator assembly is above and flanged directly onto the horizontal pre-separation tank. The airend is flanged directly onto the pre-separation vessel. The whole set is mounted on a vibration damped sub-frame.